Government Achievements

We have invested in our schools and brought back funding to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. We are investing in building the critical infrastructure that is required to ensure that regardless of where people live they can take a secure job in the CBD if they choose to do so.

Moonee Ponds Creek

I was delighted to join the minister recently at an announcement of the waterways of the west action plan, which is looking at improving the waterways of both Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River.

Energy Compare

I think that if there was a capacity to operate a workshop, that would provide a really good opportunity for senior Victorians but also newly arrived migrants in my community.

Essendon Electorate

What a big four years it has been in the state district of Essendon. We have rezoned and we have rebuilt Strathmore Secondary College, we are rebuilding and refurbishing Strathmore Primary School, we have rezoned Strathmore North Primary School, we have put seven new car parks at Strathmore station and we are funding the redevelopment of Essendon Primary School, including the foundation centre.

Essendon Hockey Club

I have spoken with David Landgren from the Essendon Hockey Club, and he would welcome the opportunity to discuss what role the club can play as a potential site for schoolchildren and students to be able to utilise during the course of the school day.

Moonee Ponds Creek

Access to open space in my electorate is vital for the health of my constituents, and we know that access to our waterways plays an important part in promoting positive physical and mental health.

Strathmore Primary School

Strathmore Primary School is a wonderful local school. It has been progressively upgraded over the course of this term of Parliament, and I think the students would welcome having a competition-grade gym built as part of that redevelopment.

GROW program

That is why the government's GROW program, which enables migrants and people from a disadvantaged background to obtain a career in the transport and construction industries, is so important.

Chris Lane memorial field

After Chris passed, his baseball community and friends put a petition together for a ground in his honour, the first little league ground in Australia. Chris loved baseball, but it wasn't all about the game.

Buckley Street Level Crossing

Recently the Minister for Public Transport announced that the Buckley Street level crossing will be removed by early October.

Maribyrnong River Fish Stocks

It was wonderful recently to represent the Minister for Agriculture when the government announced $815 000 in funding to install 30 new fish habitat havens and have an additional 300 000 estuary perch fingerlings stocked in the mighty Maribyrnong River.

Environmental Groups

I was delighted to host a series of morning teas in my electorate for a number of my local environmental groups recently. The conversation flowed, and there were some fantastic ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the livability in our community as well as improve our parks, gardens and waterways.

African-Australian community employment

I direct my adjournment debate to the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is for a meeting to be convened between me and the coordinator-general in her department to discuss employment opportunities for African-Australians on a number of the major projects of the department.

Cross Keys Reserve

The Cross Keys Reserve, Essendon, is a well-utilised piece of public open space. It is well frequented by locals as well as a number of sporting codes, and the ability to look at improving the quality of local infrastructure would be well received by my community, as well as ensuring that there is appropriate lighting on the facility.

African-Australian Communities

African-Australians in my community want for their children what I want for mine, and it is very simple: the opportunity to have a meaningful life and to live a life filled with happiness.

Police in Essendon

I direct my constituency question to the Minister for Police, and I ask: what is the latest information about the reduction of crime in the City of Moonee Valley, and can the minister tell me what roles the 12 new sworn police officers will perform in my community?

African-Australian community – Mental Health

Mr PEARSON (Essendon)  —  I direct my adjournment matter to the Minister for Mental Health, and the action I seek is that the minister convene a meeting between me, his department, Professor Janet McCalman from the University of Melbourne and local African-Australian communities to discuss opportunities to..

Car Parking – Rose Street

Mr PEARSON (Essendon)  —  I direct my constituency question to the Minister for Public Transport. I ask: what is the latest information about the creation of permanent 2-hour car parking places in the vicinity of the Rose Street shops in Essendon to support the local traders following..