Mr PEARSON (Essendon) – Sunday was a special day for the Maribyrnong Park Football Club, with the Marby Lions under-11 boys defeating the Ascot Vale Panthers by 1 point in extra time to claim Maribyrnong Park Football Club’s only flag for the 2019 season. The team has been so incredibly fortunate to have such strong support off the field. A big shout-out to coach Ryan Mistry; assistant coach Adrian McDonald, otherwise known as Egg; runner Ryan Holland; and team manager Dave Stevenson. Congratulations to the players: no. 1, George Smith; no. 2, Archie Hester; no. 3, Liam Marshall-Pearson; no. 4, Lenny Grillo; no. 5, Alec Augustes; no. 6, Ari Hinrichs; no. 7, Sam Ahrens; no. 8, Adam Nasarczyk; no. 9, Dash Mistry; no. 10, Hamish McDonald; no. 11, Tyler Ferguson; no. 12, Zach Beever; no. 14, Max Dolence; no. 15, Darcy Leydin; no. 19, Lachie Atchison; no. 20, Joseph O’Dell; no. 21, James Mulgrew; no. 23, Otis Wood; no. 24, Jack Wallis; no. 43, Luke Stephenson; no. 44, Hunter Holland; and no. 91, Ryder Holland. I do want to single out Ryan and Egg, who have shown incredible leadership in bringing together a group of young boys and turning them into a champion team. It has been no easy task, but these guys have taught the boys so much more than how to play football. They have taught the boys discipline, fairness and courage, all while maintaining a great sense of humour. Go Marby!