Mr PEARSON (Essendon) – Recently I received an email from two students from Essendon Primary School, Vivian Startari and Sienna Ebriham, who wrote: We are students from Essendon Primary School who are exploring Human Rights as part of our Inquiry unit. We chose to help Refugees in our local community and have organised a Food Drive to support refugees so that they can have the essential items that we as Australians are privileged to have… … We need your support in promoting and helping to donate to our Food Drive at Essendon Primary School. … We hope you can help us to make a difference to these people’s lives. I was absolutely thrilled to have received this email, and I went off and bought some food that I delivered to Essendon Primary School on Friday. There I met students, parents and Grace Ratcliffe, who teaches Sienna and Vivian, and we had a wonderful discussion. The children had clearly understood the challenges that both asylum seekers and those who experience extreme poverty face on a daily basis. I was so proud to be with a group of young people who not only appreciate these challenges but are seeking to make a real difference to people’s lives by taking tangible and practical steps. A big shout-out to Sienna, who managed to break her arm during the week but still came to school and made a fantastic contribution. Sienna, I hope you make a speedy recovery.