Mr PEARSON (Essendon) – I was honoured to recently meet Christine Naismith from Eating Disorders Families Australia. Christine is both a constituent and a board member for EDFA. EDFA was established by a group of Australian parents who have cared for and treated a young person with an eating disorder to advocate for the needs and roles of other parents. I have been advised that around 1000 young Australians each year die as a result of eating disorders. The challenge with such a complex disease is that it is both a mental and physical disease that requires concurrent treatments to address the patient. I cannot begin to fathom the hurt, pain and trauma that parents and their families experience. EDFA plays a vital role in providing the support network to help families challenge these issues. I look forward to continuing to work with Christine and EDFA to provide families with the support and assistance they need to challenge this difficult illness.