Mr PEARSON (Essendon)- I rise to update the house on the commitment of the Andrews Labor government to the entire creative industries sector. We are supporting these industries and their practitioners to recover, and we are cementing Victoria as a creative state, the Australian capital of culture and a place with an ethos where creativity is at the heart of our future. In a creative Victoria we can see an economic future built on that very creativity. These industries lead new approaches to the creation of jobs and give flight to all kinds of innovation. We are making investments in summer activations across Melbourne and peri-urban and regional areas.

Last month I joined the team at the beloved Espy with the local member for Albert Park and Minister for Health, Ella Hooper and Isaiah Firebrace to announce grants. These grants will revive our music culture by supporting local businesses and workers to get back on their feet and allowing musicians to hone their craft and connect with audiences once more. Victoria’s creative industries are driven by a powerhouse of small organisations, microbusinesses and sole practitioners, and we are committed to their growth and their success. Our $1.46 billion investment in the Melbourne arts precinct transformation has kicked off with a design competition to build the largest contemporary art gallery in Australia. This competition will not only cement Victoria’s place as a top cultural destination in the region, it will also support local jobs by offering Australian architects and designers an unprecedented platform to showcase our world-leading design and architecture expertise.

I can advise that we will soon welcome a new resident to Melbourne. After lengthy negotiations a 67 million-year-old triceratops skeleton will soon call the Melbourne Museum home. It is one of the most complete and best preserved dinosaur fossils ever unearthed and will go on display at the museum in Carlton later this year. It is another in the long list of investments we are making in the creative industries.