Mr PEARSON (Essendon)  — The budget outlines the priorities of a government, and this budget is a Labor budget right down to its last footnote. I am absolutely delighted about the fact that we have been able to fund $1.5 million for Riverside, which will provide new netball courts. That is certainly something that was well supported by the minister at the table, the member for Niddrie. A big shout-out to Richard Randall and Amanda Basu for all their labours and endeavours in making this become a reality.

I was absolutely delighted to head out to Strathmore Secondary College yesterday where, under this budget, we will be funding the very first stage of the rebuild of this great school with $13.8 million. I want to place on the record my heartfelt thanks to Jim Kounetas, who is the president of the school council, as well as my good friend Darren O’Connor.

I was also pleased that we have funding available for master planning at Mount Alexander College. This is a wonderful school, well supported by Wayne Haworth, who is the principal. This investment for master planning will really help provide a pathway and a future for this great school.

I am pleased that $1.2 million in funding has been provided to Essendon State Emergency Service (SES). As the minister at the table, the member for Niddrie, knows, the SES just falls in the electorate of Niddrie. We are both well serviced, as are our communities, by the great work performed by Essendon SES. I am pleased and delighted that $1 million has been allocated to widening Raleigh Street for pedestrians and cyclists. It is a great outcome for the state district of Essendon.