Ascot Vale Public Housing Estate

Mr PEARSON (Essendon)  — Recently I was pleased to attend an information session on the redevelopment of stage 1 of the Ascot Vale public housing estate. This development will see the removal of decrepit walk-up flats and their replacement with modern, new accommodation, not just for public housing tenants but also for social housing tenants and private tenants. This is an incredibly important initiative because it will give public housing tenants modern, decent accommodation for the 21st century.

But what are the Greens offering public housing tenants? Nothing but rescission motions from the other place. They say they care about asylum seekers, the marginalised and the poor, but all they offer are weasel words and hollow promises. If they have their way, these communities will be impoverished for generations to come. Yesterday in this place the member for Melbourne got up and indicated that all that needs to occur is for these walk-up flats to be modernised. How ridiculous! It is the equivalent of saying, ‘Just modernise an FX Holden to make it fit for 21st century roads’. It is rubbish.

A man in my electorate was on the third floor of a walk-up flat. He moved in when he was able-bodied, but he is now in a wheelchair. The only way he could get down those steps was when his family came to see him and carried him down the steps. The rest of the time he was stuck in his flat. Because of this program, this guy has now been moved to South Melbourne, where he has a ground floor flat close to the market. It is where he grew up. That is what this program delivers. It delivers decency for public housing tenants. Those opposite — that teal coalition — are only interested in condemning public housing tenants to poverty and misery.