Improving Public Housing

Public housing is an essential component of creating a liveable city for all members of the community. I’m proud to be supporting recent developments that will both increase the number of public housing units while also improving the quality of housing available.

Recent renewal efforts at the Flemington Estate will help make our housing more accessible and hospitable to residents. The 1960’s “walk-ups,” which were inaccessible to those with mobility issues, are being replaced with a cost-minimising blend of public and private housing.

The original 198 dwellings in the Flemington Estate will be replaced with at least 218 new public housing homes.

Further investment into public housing renewal is planned for the Ascot Vale Estate, which will include new homes and a new facility for the Wingate Avenue Community Centre.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of these ongoing efforts and look forward to seeing these developments rolled out successfully.