Better Local Public Transport

As a Member of the Andrews Government, improving our public transport infrastructure has been a state-wide priority. I’ve worked hard to ensure that the Essendon electorate receives our fair share of investment.

The Melbourne Metro tunnel will help enable more frequent services along the Craigieburn Line, with some dedicated services originating from Essendon Station. Because they’ll be originating at Essendon Station, they’ll be arriving at stations with more space for passengers to board – making your morning and evening commutes that much easier.

The level crossing removal at Buckley Street has made our public transport system safer, less disruptive, and faster for all road users.

Additional services and improved timetables for the 460, 462, 476, 503 and the 505 bus lines have made it easier than ever to get around the electorate.

I’m proud of what we have already achieved and will strive to further improve public transport in the area.